Weddings at Flowers Landing

Woodstock Village, founded in 1738, was the first County Seat of what is now Beaufort and Hyde counties. The town, composed of a courthouse and municipal buildings, now lies under the waves of the Pungo River, just off the pointe. Foundations and streets can still be found beneath the water. Thus, over the last two centuries, as the course of the river changed, Woodstock Village came to be known as the Atlantis of the North Carolina Coast.

Today, the remaining pointe—which was higher land—is now owned by the Flowers family. In 2013, the family decided to open the property for special events on a limited basis, retaining some areas for family use.

A private, gated road leads guests to the traditional, southern-style main home and guesthouse sitting on acres of lush, landscaped grounds. The centerpiece of the property is the amazing shoreline with views of porpoises playing in the Pungo, yachts making their way up and down the Intracoastal Waterway and our resident blue heron, as it fishes in the plentiful, brackish water.

The area offers plenty of entertainment for our guests. Go hunting or fishing (the Pungo River is known as one of the best for fishing with Trout, Flounder, Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Red Drum to name a few), explore the Preserve, or travel to Belhaven by water for lunch, dinner, or a relaxing trip to the spa. Scheduling a charter boat pick up at the Flowers Landing Dock can be arranged.